About Me

I'm Chloe and welcome to Girl Gone Worldwide. This will be a blog, vlog and endless stream of photos from my adventures abroad as a young professional woman.

The main motives for this blog, in true British style, are TEA. Not the brewed beverage that I enjoy so much but my personal acronym; Travel, Events, Adventure. Also, note, not something to be spilled by drag queens who are being shady. 


So, what will I be looking at here and why?


Since I went on exchange in 2015 I've been a Yes Girl! Want to come visit my home town in rural Victoria? Yes! Want to come to my house party in Eindhoven for one night? Yes! Want to take a trip to Bucharest because it's my birthday? Yes! If I have the means, I've definitely got the motive and I'm taking all the opportunities that come my way. Hopefully I can encourage some more Girls to go Worldwide.


I graduated in 2017 from Event Management Student to Events Professional and I spend my life looking out for new experiences, new events and new adventures. On my travels, I plan on attending a number of events (paid for and free) so that you can all see what's available around the world.


Naturally, travel and adventure go hand in hand but this section will be for all the new things that I try during my time away. Whether that's a new commute route, a new job or a new sport or hobby. Everything here will be about the new!

So that's me - in a nutshell - I'm starting a new chapter and inviting you all along for the ride to find out more about life as a Girl Gone Worldwide.

Girl Gone Worldwide | Chloe
Girl Gone Worldwide | Chloe