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Aussie Rules Final - Eagles Win!

Anyone who likes sport and has been to Australia, more specifically Melbourne, will know about the Australian Rules Football league. It was the first sport that I began to love after swearing off sport for the entirety of my life; anyone who knows me knows I won't even run for a bus.

The AFL final takes over the whole of Melbourne as every fan gathers in bars, pubs and homes to watch the winners take home the title. AFL fever really does take over the city with the Victorian Government even granting a public holiday for the Friday before the final on the Saturday.

It is safe to say I enjoyed the team spirit from the lounge of some very good friends and surrounded by more good friends; thanks Hayley for the photo!

As an events professional, the feeling that this event evokes in an entire city really is something to behold. Even if the trophy was taken home by the West Coast Eagles (Perth).

Congratulations Eagles!

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