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Hawker 88 Night Market - Happy Humpday!

Queen Victoria Market is well known for it's night markets where the world of street food and market stalls collide. Additionally to their Summer Night Market, this year I had the chance to experience the street food of many Asian cultures at the Hawker88 Night Market, including China, India, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, and Japan. These Night Markets serve as a great place to meet with friends for a quick bite and a tasty beer on hump day to help you through the rest of that working week.

Hawker88 covers cuisine, culture and creativity; when they aren't carving potatoes to make delicious Korean Twistto's, they are making amazing art using just a watermelon and a knife. The atmosphere is truly mesmerising and captures little snippets of Asian cultures that had definitely fed my desire to explore more of these countries!


Twistto - Korean swirls of heaven

I had forgotten the pure joy that warms my heart from something so simple. That's right. A twisty potato, specifically the spicy flavoured, from Twistto. If you ever see one, get one, it's like one, nearly never ending curly fry. Heaven.

The first rule of market food for me is make sure it's on a stick! It leaves your other hand open for drinks and dessert!


Son in Law - Thai-me for dessert

Serving a twist on Thai cuisine and pieces of art in the form of their delicious desserts, Son in Law hits the Hawker88 Night Market representing the Thai tradition of serving an unworthy son in law deep fried eggs. It's how they chose their name! I had to get myself one of these unicorn master pieces; with a team of five people on demand just to make these cartoon fairy floss friends. Flavour of the week when I visited was unicorn but they also create Pikachu, Hello Kitty amongst other cute creatures.

It is safe to say I had fun discovering what these street market vendors could offer me and I am definitely looking forward to the return of the Summer Night Market at Queen Victoria Market where many of these faces will appear again. Keep in touch and look out for my updates on #MarketMondays. There will definitely be a trip back to Vic Market soon!

Chloe :)

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