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Joe Lycett - I likes it.

We have reached the first review of my very first (organised) event! Last night, I was lucky enough to attend a comedy gig of one of my favourite comedians, Joe Lycett; I highly recommend to those with a dry and dark sense of humour like myself. The "I'm about to lose control and I think Joe Lycett" show at the Alban Arena in St Albans, was already a winner because of that pun.

One thing to know about me is that I am a great lover of puns. I'm very punny you might even say (punception!).

Initially I had been worried about two things.

1. I was sat on the front row so... I'm going to get picked out! (You bet I did.)

2. Would this be like a trailer for a comedy film where all the funny parts are in the trailer and when you see the film you realise it was a waste of time and money?

LUCKILY - number 1 did happen and it was great (duh, one of my favourite comedians spoke to me and now my best friends trousers are Joe Lycett approved). Thankfully, number 2 did NOT happen. It was a laugh a minute with Lycett's amusing anecdotes, entry of four, yes four, jokes (he counted them down for us) and it was only embellished by (my) audience participation.

Ivo Graham

I hadn't read up on the show from previous tour dates to avoid any potential spoilers - which I am very grateful for - which meant I was greatly surprised to see Ivo Graham supporting Lycett for the tour. Even with the audience participation, soliciting 'dick pics' from the young and recently engaged comedian, didn't stump him and only added to the experience and atmosphere before the main set by Lycett.

Again, if you are looking for a slightly posh ex-Etonian with a self deprecating and dark sense of humour, I would highly recommend checking out Ivo Graham at one of his shows or the Edinburgh Fringe this year.

So all in all, a 10/10 from me which is a great relief. Seeing one of my favourite comedians has only made me enjoy him more!

Chloe (:

P.S. BONUS! Check out my favourite Joe Lycett and Ivo Graham moments below!

Joe Lycett

Ivo Graham (in Melbourne - another thing to look forward to!)

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