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Luna Dark - fun for all the Addams family

When I first arrived in Melbourne, I was flabbergasted to hear that Halloween isn't a big thing here! However, looking at it now I can see why. It's the end of the academic year, so most people are studying for their final exams; it's getting warmer and lighter, so the usual tell tale signs for trick or treaters aren't there; and finally, like the UK, they aren't too keen on the huge commercialism of the 'holiday'.

Despite all of this, I was excited to see Halloween parties and celebrations popping up all over the city and, I assume because of my age and some targeted Facebook posts, most of these parties were in the many bars and clubs of Melbourne's CBD and Inner Suburbs.


Every year, Luna Park hosts the Halloween family favourite Luna Dark where the park gets a super spooky makeover for the few days over Halloween. The park runs two sessions on the weekend around Halloween; one in the day, targeting families and children, and one night time session for those who are slightly older but still young at heart. Adult tickets for both day time and night time visits are available for just $40 which includes all rides (usually $9.95 per ride per adult).

The makeover of Luna Park into this spooky theme park is completed by the staff members, including some actors, fully embracing their creepy characters. Highlights were Jareth the Goblin King (David Bowie in Labyrinth), Mrs Todd (wife to the demon barber), and a collection of zombies including 'Tim from Finance' and 'Natasha from Ticketing'... they looked scarier than they sounded. I promise!

As well as experiencing the horror and terror of Luna Dark's makeover, we made the most of our unlimited ride pass and rode some of the amazing rides overlooking the Melbourne coastline. This included Pharoah's Curse, a swinging time that is sure to turn your world upside down, and 'The Great Scenic Railway' which is a 106 year old manually operated roller coaster; the only one of it's kind left!

Though we had an unlimited pass, we tackled three rides in as many hours which shows how popular this event on Halloween Night is! The experience, atmosphere and, of course, the rides made Halloween 2018 great and I would highly recommend for anyone looking for something a little different to do on October 31st 2019!

Chloe :)


Check it out! Know what my Halloween Costume this year was?

I spooked a fair few people on Dandenong Road on my way to Lucky Coq for their Halloween Costume Party this year!

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