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Southampton - a night out.

After 5 years away from my hometown, a lot has changed but one thing that hasn't changed is the unavailability of a good night out in the City Centre unless you want to go to a club. We aren't all Club Kids!

Of course, we have a new cultural quarter where the O2 Guildhall, Nuffield Theatre, and a number of restaurants and bars which will be mentioned here are based and promoting a good night life for those who want more than dinner but less than clubbing until the sunrise!

So what's good in the new cultural quarter of Southampton. Here are the places I have visited on my return:

1. The Stable

2. Neighbourhood

3. Tapas Barcelona

4. Brewdog, Southampton

5. Rumba

1. The Stable - Pizza, Cider and Live Music.

Starting a night with a good pizza and a decent pint of Cornish Orchards Gold set a good standard for the rest of the evening. Offering a vegan pizza, for the ever trying vegan within my sisters soul, complete with most vegetables and her first sample of vegan cheese ticked a lot of boxes! Topped off with some live music, starting shortly before we moved on, from Alex Cope and The Contraband I could recommend this place as a great venue to settle in with mates for a relaxed evening of good food, good cider and good atmosphere.

TOP TIP - if you order via the app, your first order gets 20% off! Make it a big order OR let everyone download and get 20% off everyone's round!

2. Neighbourhood - Love Thy Neighbour(hood)

Post pizza at The Stable, Southampton, it was time for my staple espresso martini dessert replacement (I'm not a big sweet eater!). Neighbourhood had a great selection of well made cocktails to choose from and all on a 2-4-1 offer.

Although a little quiet, this place had a great vibe, tasty drinks and some mega deals for those looking to go here with a group of friends. This included a promise to double any tab between £50 - £250 on your birthday which along side 2-4-1 cocktails between 5pm - 12am could go a long way between yourself and a group of friends. Plus, who is going to miss out on the chance to look as stylish as my beautiful sister - right?

If you love a beauty blogger, then give her a follow on Instagram and/or YouTube for great tips:

Instagram: @RoxieRoulette

YouTube: @RoxieRoulette

3. Tapas Barcelona

A common theme to my sister and I's relationship is that it is built on one simple rule; same taste in alcohol, different taste in men. I'm kidding (partly!). Tapas Barcelona, by name and by nature, has some of the best tapas that I have had, well, outside of Barcelona. It also had a great sports bar style atmosphere with screens in booths, large screens and support for our boys (Eng-er-landddd!) as you can see in the pictures below!

A common theme is the 2-4-1 offers, Tapas Barcelona offer these on all weekdays between 3pm and 12am! Great for anyone looking to relax after a busy day at work with some colleagues. Definitely worth a visit!

Brewdog, Southampton - the Brewview(!)

Just like the image suggests; live fast, drink slow. Life is short but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't take the time to enjoy a beer, or selection of beers, available at Brewdog, Southampton. Tucked down towards the back of Bedford Place, Brewdog offers something more than the cocktail bars and clubs in this area of Southampton for those who would like a quality beer or lager.

10/10 would recommend if beer is your thing!

Rumba - it takes two to... Rumba(?)

A fairly quiet end to the evening in Rumba as it was close to closing when we arrived. However, the private party upstairs was pumping; so noted - a great venue close to other clubs and bars for anyone looking to continue on with their night out.

Hoping that I can head back here to give it a second go; hopefully on a busier evening for all of these locations as everything seemed to get quieter as our night went on exploring the new venues of Southampton.

Maybe the quiet feel to our evening suggests that Southampton wasn't broken so it didn't need to be fixed with the older bars and venues still heaving with night owls. However, the number of new bars, restaurants and pubs have great potential to attract a variety of customers within the city centre.

So, my recommendation, definitely give these newer places a try and see which one suits you!

Chloe (:

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