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5 signs you've met a Study Abroad Alumni

Chances are you already know because you've heard these classic phrases:

1. This one time one study abroad...

2. My friend *insert name* from study abroad...

3. When I lived in *insert country* on my study abroad...

HOWEVER! This experience is what makes us some of the fiercest friends you will ever make. Hopefully, I can help you understand why!

Enjoy my five signs for spotting study abroad students.

1. There is a high possibility you will never meet some of our closest friends.

One of the main things I experienced when moving home is that I would tell a story and everyone around me would glaze over... having no idea who or what I was speaking about. It's the Study Abroad curse. There is a high chance that friends at home are going to get sick of hearing about 'that one time on study abroad'.

Study Abroad Alumni will always be mentioning their cheerleader friend 'Anna' or that one time they were travelling in Thailand with 'Lowi' (that's pronounced like Chloe without the 'C'). There is a high chance that you will never see them more than once or maybe even meet them at all but you will know hilarious stories from a road trip, or how the Easter Bunny gave you a handbag full of chocolate eggs whilst he was busking in Melbourne CBD at midnight (Anna, I'm looking at you).

2. We might be busy with an impromptu trip to Spain one weekend.

I remember being invited to dinner with some colleagues at work and having the response "Oh I'm sorry I can't, I'm at a house party in Eindhoven that night" met with jaw dropping silence. It was then I realised that not everyone just pops on a plane to go to a party and meet up with some friends that they haven't seen for two years.

BUT THIS IS WHAT MAKES US GREAT! If there is one thing I know about myself, it is that I will drop everything for the opportunity to see, help, or meet up with a friend - from home or abroad. You can expect that from any of us! I see it in my follow study abroad friends as well as myself so you can live safe in the knowledge that they would do the same for you.

3. We have a story for every situation - seriously.

Ever been worried that you will be in a social situation with nothing to say? Nope, me either. One of my previous managers even said "Chloe, you really have a story for everything, don't you?" I don't want this to sound like I'm blowing my own trumpet! Since moving half way across the world at the age of nineteen and having to live with around fifty other students from all over the world, it is very rare for me to not be able to talk.

You can always rely on your Study Abroad Alumni friend to break the ice, contribute a topic to deflect from that awkward situation or just bring something new to the party.

4. Time difference... pfft. What time difference?

We are on social media (i.e. our phones) all the time. For any Study Abroad Alumni who keeps in touch with their Study Abroad Friends, their phone is going off at all times of the day and night. 9am wake up UK time? I better message Melbourne as Emma and Tay will have just finished dinner. 1pm lunch break UK time? Better message Katie in New York. Good morning text sent!

I promise we are not trying to be rude or ignore you! We just have only got a few hours where all our friends are awake with us! Plus, if you need a lift or some advice at 2am - it's highly likely that I will be awake talking to Australia.

5. We are all 'Yes-People'!

So don't take this too far! Last but not least... we are always up for an adventure. You enjoy salsa dancing; we will try that! You love to surf; I haven't surfed since I was living in Australia. You want to try skiing next weekend; I'm totally up for that. We love all things new! Yes, we still have mental breakdowns about things going wrong but we love to take the risk anyway.

Best of all, we know the best people to stay with.

So in all, we are loyal companions who don't let distance get in the way of how awesome our friendship with you is.

Anyway, if distance does get in the way, just 'do a Chloe' and move half way across the world to be with your friends again!

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