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St Kilda Esplanade Market - a beachside boutique

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Carrying on with my #MarketMondays, I took a short walk from my home to the beachfront of St Kilda to visit the St Kilda Esplanade Market. St Kilda is the closest beach to Melbourne CBD, taking only 15-30 minutes by public transport and is considered to be a hub for international backpackers. Who can blame them? There is an abundance of hostels to stay in and meet people, great nightlife on Acland Street, and the beach is only minutes walk away if you need to just take a few moments by yourself or visit this market!

St Kilda Esplanade Market Logo

St Kilda Esplanade Market - St Kilda

St Kilda Esplanade Market started as The Art Bank Show in 1970, where artists were asked to exhibit their works to the public. As the Art Bank Show grew it soon became the St Kilda Esplanade Market, beyond art and sculpture the market now showcases jewellery, clothing, accessories, home wares, food, beauty products, and much more! I love looking around markets. Which is odd because I really dislike high street shopping. I think this is because it is great to hear the stories of the businesses that bring their products to the market every Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm (5 pm in daylight saving time).

Helped along the way by a large coffee from BeantoMelbourne, thanks guys, I started at Luna Park and made my way through the stalls. As always, here are a few of my favourites!


You read correctly! Cybertart. Parked perfectly next to BeantoMelbourne, these perfect purses and bags caught my eye for their great and alternative designs. The duo who create these individual works of accessorising art have a background in Fine Art and it shows!

Whilst both bopping along to the music being played nearby by buskers a plenty, I bonded with the owner over my mother's love for Frida Kahlo and how much she would appreciate the TGI Frida range produced. Amazing.

Legendary Aussie

Legendary Aussie Matilda O'May Solid Perfume

The husband and wife team at Legendary Aussie create amazing, and all natural, solid perfumes, beard oils and colognes and much more! With wife creating the products, husband creates the vintage style packaging with brilliant rhymes to go with each product or character. Each customer can decide who they want to be! Personally, I'm a Matilda O'May and I believe that anyone who knows me would agree. Plus it smells great!

This is the legend of Matilda O'May

Whose husband tried to leave her one day

She never got mad, never lost her head,

She just kept a soft spot for him,

In the garden behind the shed.

So I would recommend that you...

Make a day of it!

Though not a overly large market, I would dedicate an hour or two to this market depending on how many times you stop to look. It is located in an amazing area of Melbourne where you can enjoy a whole day of pure Melbourne.

So, Chloe recommends:

Little Penguin at St Kilda Pier

1. Walk along St Kilda Pier

Even on a not so nice day, the views of the city skyline, the coastline and the beach from St Kilda Pier are beautiful. Whilst I was there, I saw people skydiving, the infamous 'Little Penguins' that are native to Australia, and made the adventurous climb over the rocks that surround it.

Please remember no flash photography and, unlike the picture on the right, take you trash home or use a bin! These little guys call St Kilda Pier home.

2. Head to Paper Fish for fish and chips

This small fish and chip shop is located on the lower esplanade, right next to the beach, and is always busy whenever I walk past or go in myself. Tried and tested, I can promise you the food at Paper Fish is some of the best - if not most different - fish and chips that I have had in my life. With options for grilled or fried fish, chips or salad and even my favourite, calamari, being on the menu, it is safe to say that anyone and everyone will be able to find something to

3. Visit Luna Park

Luna Park is a great theme park right on the beach front of St Kilda and is home to the only manually operated roller coaster in the world; check out my opinion of the ride in my previous blog about their event Luna Dark this Halloween. It is a great stop before you make your way home or possibly before lunch/dinner!

Hope to see you soon at St Kilda Esplanade Market!

Chloe (:

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