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Stand Up(ish) Paddle Boarding

The first pre-adventure adventure! Before heading to Melbourne, Australia, I wanted to start on the outdoors lifestyle and take advantage of the unseasonably hot weather here in the UK. A lesson on Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Fairthorne Manor for me.

Queue hilarious montage of me (23 year old woman) attempting to Stand Up Paddle Board and being shown up by a whole group of children.

After a trip down memory lane of summers and school trips spent at Fairthorne Manor, it was time to get onto the water. You can see it didn't go too well in the beginning, and after finding out I have a centre of gravity, I finally managed to STAND UP Paddle Board.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, watch this space for entry in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo because CLEARLY water sports are my thing...

Okay, that's a total exaggeration but I loved this experience! I'm hoping now I can keep this on as an activity when I get to Australia.

Hoping to create a little video of my progression on the water sports, so even if it's not for an entry onto the UK Olympic team for 2020, watch this space for more info on where and how to get involved with Stand Up Paddle Boarding in the UK, Australia and beyond!

Chloe (:

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