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The Chronology of Chloe

To start this blog, I thought it would be great to introduce my timeline of travel, where the wanderlust stems from, and how I've fed it from childhood to adult(ish) life.

Starting my adventure when I was just two years old, the whole family ventured to Vegas, Disney and beyond on the West Coast of California. I have had the amazing opportunity to travel to the beautifully bog standard to the delightfully wacky with my need for travel and that wanderlust which has only grown!

Throughout my childhood, I had a number of amazing family summer holidays like most British families for two weeks during that six weeks holiday. Places included Malaga (Spain), Greek Islands such as Skiathos and Lefkada, and Paris (France) for those all important days in the sun - thank you British Summer! - and a bit of rest and relaxation. Thanks to an extended family with the same wanderlust as my own, our family holidays branched out for trips to Dubai and Islamabad, Pakistan to experience the Middle East and opening new doors to a different world.

The big breakthrough came when I went off to University; the European and Study Abroad Office beckoned me forward - hey! if I'm paying £45,000 for a degree I am going to get my moneys worth! - and sent me the semester abroad of my dreams. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I met so many great friends, some of which I'm sure will feature here, from all around the world and THEY are the main pull to get back Down Under. This opportunity opened up the rest of Oceania and South East Asia - a previously untouched part of the world for me.

Since my 5 month stint in Australia in 2015, I've travelled to more new places than ever before; Eindhoven & Amsterdam, Netherlands; Cologne, Germany; Dublin, Ireland; Brussels and Bruges, Belgium; Bucharest, Romania; Barcelona, Spain; New York City, America and many more. Europe has had its time and I'm looking forward to seeing more of the Southern Hemisphere enlightening you all in the travels, events and adventures along the way!

So that's me in a nutshell! I'm looking forward to the next chapter, the next chronicle and the next country! Join me along the way!

Chloe (:

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