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Visa, Flights, Action! The First Steps to Australia.

So it's official! On the eve of England being knocked out of the Men's World Cup; I have secured my visa, flights, insurance and a mini trip to arrive in Melbourne in late August. Football may not be coming home but I will be! Excited doesn't even cover it. Melbourne here I come.

As you can see, I've booked parts of my trip with STA Travel in my hometown (thank you Rosie and Jim from STA Southampton!) but I've also worked on some aspects by myself so this blog will show you my recommendations on how to go about making your Working Holiday dream a reality.

So far I have secured my;

- Visa (Subclass 417 Working Holiday)

- Flights (via Hong Kong International)

- Insurance (for the first six months)

- Hello Australia Mini Trip (on arrival)

Visa (Subclass 417 Working Holiday).

Getting this visa was SUPER easy for me. Perhaps this is because I have already received a visa to study in Australia (although that was super easy to obtain too) as well as the fact I'm a Brit with a clean record (medically and criminally). So top recommendation would be to do this yourself; many travel agents or other agencies may offer to do this but it works out usually about £100 more and that's AU$200 near enough! Save your pennies!

Also, I've booked a mini induction trip with STA Travel which covered most of the extras offered with their visa package (help with setting up an Australian Tax Number and bank account). Double check what these travel agents are offering in the packages and don't pay twice for something!

Flights (One Way)

As I'm not sure when I will be returning to the UK, I've booked a one way ticket for £480 with Virgin (Atlantic and Australia) via Hong Kong International. Bare in mind, in doing this you need to prove that you have 'sufficient funds accessible to book a return flight' which I'm sure you all will for your grand adventure.

Do a lot of research on when is best to fly - this was important for me as I was looking to arrive in August which is usually a peak period due to Summer Holidays in the Northern Hemisphere. HOWEVER, thanks to a handy tip from Jim at STA Southampton, I learned that international flights like this often go down in price towards the end of August (by around £200 I found) because the USA go back to school.

Insurance (cover yourself!)

You NEED insurance to live in Australia which includes medical cover to make sure anything you might encounter on your adventure abroad. You can usually find someone who will cover all aspects of your trip; medical, legal, personal possessions etc. I used STA Travel for my insurance as they cover all of the above AND one return trip to the UK in my cover.

Also, I would recommend getting insurance which has £0/$0 excess on medical expenses because there would be nothing worse than being a couple of days from payday trying to find $100 to cover the cost of a surprise trip to the doctor.

Hello Australia Mini Trip

As I will be moving back and embarking on a new journey of working and not studying, I decided a bit of an introduction package would be great to get to meet new people doing the same as me as well as some helpful pointers involved in this 'Hello Australia' package offered by STA Travel.

- 12 months access to Work Australia online jobs board.

- CV Building and Job Consultation.

- Second Year Visa Help.

- Assistance with Australian Bank Account, Medicare, and Tax File Number.

These cover just a few of the advantages of which I will be, well, taking advantage but there are many more aspects of this package to be bought! For just £212 it seems like a hell of a deal - accommodation and induction into Working Holiday life.

What more could a girl ask for?

Chloe (:

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